My Favourite / Top 5 / Best Landscape Photography Locations in Devon

A Personal Selection

As a landscape photographer living in Devon I am spoilt for choice when it comes to shooting locations.  I have access to Dartmoor National Park, large areas of the South West Coast Path, and everything in between.  I shouldn't really ever run out of places to shoot.

Even though I have all this variety I can't help but have a few favourite locations.  So in this video I'm going to take you on a mini tour of my five favourite locations to shoot landscapes in Devon.  I've chosen a mixture of coastal and inland locations as well as choosing to shoot at dawn and dusk.  Some shoots were more successful than others but I'm hoping the video will give you some ideas and inspire you to visit and photograph those locations yourself.

So why not check out the video below and let me take you on a tour of Devon...

If you need a little more information on the locations I have visited or just want to see the images in a bit more detail then please do read on!

Dawlish Warren


The groynes along the beach at Dawlish Warren offer some great lines for your composition. Long exposures often work well at this location as well, especially in poor light.

Don't forget to shoot the beach huts.

Venford Falls


Venford Falls as shot on the video. A polariser is very handy to control the reflections.

Spring is my favourite time to visit as all the moss is at its best.



Both the rocks and the tree are great elements to include in your composition. This location is good to shoot at both dawn and dusk.

Turn 90 degrees and you'll find a few other compositions to shoot.

Froward Point


Shooting at sunset will typically provide the best light but what ever time you visit please be careful on the rocks!

If you've got good light shoot Daymark Tower as well.

Start Point


The classic Start Point composition. Shame about the weather!

Sometimes it pays to hang around a little longer. There is just a splash of colour in the sky in this image.

In Summary

Hopefully this video and blog post has given you a little inspiration to not only shoot these locations, but also the wider Devon.  It really is a fantastic part of the country with huge variety in locations and conditions.  

So what are you favourite locations either in Devon or further afield?  Did you find this video useful or inspiring?  Is there a location in Devon or the south west that you recommend I visit?  As always let me know if the comments, and remember to like and share this post!  See you next time.