My Favourite 5 Images from 2016

It's Been a Busy Year

Aside from starting this blog, 2016 has been a very busy year for my landscape photography.  I have been out with my camera more this year than any other.  In 2015 I went out 34 times to shoot landscapes but in 2016 I went out 46 times.  Given that I have to fit my landscape photography in between work and family life I'd say that's not a bad effort.  Of course that doesn't include the 20 gigs and music festivals I also shot in 2016.  Yes, it's been a busy year.

I've been suitably motivated and inspired this year to get out and practice with my camera.  Though I haven't been successful in two of the major landscape photography completions this year, it's still be a successful year for me.  

So in a somewhat predictable manner I am going to show you my 5 favourite images I took in 2016.  Yes I want to share my images with you but the process of selecting the images makes me look back at my catalogue so I can hopefully see an improvement over the previous year.

The Cobb

I won't easily forget this image.  It was taken on a very cold morning in Lyme Regis.  I had just about given up and was heading in for coffee and bacon rolls when the sun, which had been up for a little while, started to reflect beautifully off the side of The Cobb.  For a magic few moments the light was perfect and I shot several frames, this one being my favourite.  

The Cobb - Nikon D750, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 at 22 mm, f/13, 0.6 seconds, ISO 100, Lee Filters ND Grad

Trevose Head

My first visit to Trevose Head happened back in March and it was one of those shoots where everything seems to go well.  I was feeling creative and the conditions were perfect for the type of image I wanted to capture.  I knew it had been a good day when I got home because I had so many keepers to pick from.  

The image below though never originally made the cut and I only recently discovered it while looking for a competition entry.  Despite the how much I loved the other three images from that shoot I think this is now my favourite and definately a favourite from 2016.

Trevose Head - Nikon D750, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 at 19 mm, f/11, 8 seconds, ISO 100, Lee Filters Little Stopper, ND Grad.

Venford Falls

As I mentioned in my video My 5 Favourite Landscape Photography Locations in Devon, Venford Falls is one of my favourite locations.  Hidden, but not difficult to get to, the twin falls are a bit of a magical location.  I had been to the falls a couple times before but it wasn't until I visited in spring of 2016 that I got a shot that I was really happy with.

Though I had tried this composition before it was the lush green spring colour that lifted the image to make it an instant favourite.

Venford Falls - Nikon D750, Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 VR at 24 mm, f/16, 10 seconds, ISO 100, Lee Filters Polariser.

The Daymark Tower

Though I had tried to photograph the Daymark Tower a couple of times before, I was probably doing so at the wrong time of year.  The tower is surrounded by a farmers field so for parts of the year it's just a muddy field.  I wanted to go when the field was full of fresh crops.

My vision was clear.  I wanted the setting sun to illuminate the tower and I really wanted the fresh crops to be gently swaying in the wind.  It's not often you get everything you want but everything came together rather nicely the evening I took this image.  The light was beaufitul, the sky was lovely, and there was just enough wind to put a little movement into the crops.

Daymark Tower - Nikon D750, Nikkor 16-35 f/4 at 16 mm, f/13, 1/15 second, ISO 100.

Castlerigg, The Lake District

As I previously wrote in my blog, my trip to The Lake District was challenging.  The weather was very wet making creative photography difficult.  However, through all that I took an image that not only captures the beautiful Lake District landscape but the dramatic weather that is often present.  It reminds that despite how bad the conditions can be, patience can often be rewarded.

Autumn Storm at Castlerigg - Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR at 78 mm, f/9, 1/60 seconds, ISO 100, Lee Filters Polariser and ND Grad.

So what do you think of my 5 images from 2016?  Do you have a favourite?  Have you selected your top 5 or top images from 2016?  Let me know in the comments.