We all have to start somewhere...


When I decided that I wanted to start a blog one of the first questions I asked myself was does the internet need another photography blog?  Looking at the number of photographers blogging and vlogging on the internet my answer would probably be no.

But then I realised I was probably asking the wrong question.  The question is do I have something to say and do I want to share it?  Well the answer to that is yes.  This hasn't always been the case though.  Though I've been interested photography for a long while I've probably had little that is worth while to share on the subject

However, I'm now at an interesting point in my photography journey.  I still not sure where my end point is, but I am at a place where my photography really means something to me and I have a need to not only share my images but also my thoughts and aspirations.  As with any blog I will be starting with zero readers, and do you know what, that might be as good as it gets.  However this blog is partly for me so even if nobody reads it I'll at least be left with a photographic journal.


It's me!

It's me!

To give this blog some added context I should be probably tell you a little something about me.  However let's start with what I'm not.  I'm not a famous photographer.  I'm not someone with 100K followers on Instagram. I don't earn my living as a photographer either.  I'm just dedicated and passionate photographer with a love of the outdoors.  And it's that love for the outdoors that drives some of that passion for photography.

I live in Devon with my wife and children and I have a full time job in IT.  So as you can imagine spare time is at a premium so when I do have some time there is nothing I like better than to go outdoors.  I see so many wonderful things when I'm out and I'm driven to photograph them. Most of my time is spent exploring Dartmoor or walking the coast, but I'm also lucky enough to have my Private Pilot's License (PPL) so I am able to take to the skies to access the landscape in a very different way.

Having worked on my skills as a landscape photographer over the last few years I'm at a stage where I'm starting to be confident enough to share my images and my views.  I've still got much to learn, but I'm hoping that this is going to be part of the appeal of my blog.  It's not going to be written by a full time photographer with decades of experience but by me, someone with a bit of experience, lots of passion and stories to share.  Most of all I hope the stories and the information I share here will be read by similarly passionate photographers and together we can all move forward with our photography.

The Name

Every blog should have a name.  Shouldn't it?  I don't know but I'm going to give this blog a name anyway.  Not as easy as you think though.  How can I be original, witty, or even clever? So while the name Exposed might not win any awards for originality it does actually mean something.

  • It’s a photographic term - a fairly obvious one really!
  • I'm going to expose myself.  Not in a naked way of course, but I'm going to be sharing my photographic experiences to the internet.  I'll be exposing the good and bad bits of my journey so you can see that it's not all 5 star images and international expeditions.
  • I like being exposed to the elements.  In other words I like being outdoors, either on the ground or in a plane. 

I might change the name eventually but at the moment Exposed just seems right and relevant.

What To Expect

The decision to write a blog hasn't exactly been a spur of the moment thing.  I've been thinking about it for a while.  What will my blog say?  What would people find interesting?  All valid questions.  Much like my skills as a photographer I'm not sure where this blog will eventually lead me but I have already decided on a number of topics I want to cover in future posts. These include:

So please join me on my photographic journey and like, share and subscribe to my blog!