Creating a Locations Map with Google Maps

Location Planning

Back in September I posted a blog article on planning for a landscape shoot.  In the blog post and associated YouTube video I talked about a number of planning tools that I use for weather, tides, sunset / sunset timings etc.   However, it was my use of a custom Google Map to record locations that I have either visited or plan to visit that seems to have generated the most interest from my readers / viewers.  

Using Google Maps

Given the level interest I thought I'd produce a brief tutorial to tell you how to create your own map.  So in this video I take you through the steps of:

  • Creating a map

  • Adding locations

  • Using colours, icons, and layers

  • Modifying locations with comments

  • Accessing your maps on a mobile device

I find it a really useful tool and I'm sure you will to.  Check out the video below:

Hopefully you found this video useful.  If so, please do subscribe to my YouTube channel!  Don't worry if you don't, I always post a blog article here with the video embedded so you won't miss out.

Do you use Google Maps for any of your location planning?  Do you have any tools that you recommend?  If so, please let me know in the comments.