My Top 5 Tips to Improving Your Landscape Photography

Tips for Landscape Photographers

I've been shooting landscapes since I got my first DSLR back in 2006.  However, it's probably only in the last few years that I've started to really progress as a landscape photographer.  

In this vlog, I share with you the 5 things I think will help you improve your landscape photography.  This is a personal list, and not even necessarily the only 5 things you should do.  It's just 5 things that I did that had a direct impact on my landscape photography.  Hopefully, some of them will work for you also!

In Summary

I explain the tips in the video, but for those of you who are currently unable to watch the video, the tips are:

  1. Practice - Make sure you practice your photography. Practice lots!

  2. Be Inspired - Have plenty of sources of inspiration!

  3. Get Involved - Go on a workshop or enter for a magazine feature!

  4. Get Sharing - Share your work or enter a competition!

  5. Adventure - Get out there and go on a photography adventure!

And there is a bonus tip, but you'll just have to watch the video for that one!

So do you have any tips you want to share?  What things did you do to improve your skills as a photographer?  Which of my tips are you going to follow?  Let me know in the comments below.