Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand

I've photographed many different locations in Cornwall.  It truly is a wonderful part of the UK and has so much to offer the landscape photographer.  Some of my favourite spots include Boscastle and Trevose Head which are amazing coastal locations.

Opportunities to get out and take photographs seem to be rare at the moment, so when the weather looked good for the north Cornish coast I went looking for a spot that I hadn't shot before or hadn't been there for a while.  Checking my trusty custom Google map I remembered that I hadn't been to Trebarwith Strand for over 3 years.  I checked the tides and my luck was going to be in!  What a great location to put my new Nikon D850 to the test.


Getting There Early

On my last visit to Trebarwith Strand, I noticed how busy the location can get, especially at high tide.  For me, the best composition is standing on the rocky ledge and using it as a leading line out to Gull Rock.  Problem is that the ledge doesn't fit many photographers so if I wanted to get the shot I was after I would need to get there early.  (It was just as well I did because by the time sunset came there were at least 6 other photographers there!)

It's not a long drive so I managed to get there with plenty of time to spare.  So I set up and waited.  And waited.  There wasn't much to do but enjoy the Cornish coast.  With no mobile phone signal, I had nothing else to entertain me apart from my own thoughts.

It was actually a rather relaxing time.  I stood there and listened to the waves crash around me.  I made subtle changes to my tripod position, checked my composition and made sure I had the camera setup.  There would be no excuses for not being prepared when all the action started!  

Getting to Know the D850

Having said goodbye to the D750 the week before I was now trying to get know the D850.  Most of the controls were familiar but there were some subtle differences and some new features that I was still learning how to use.  Most of these changes I talk about in my recent D850 video and blog post.  Overall the camera was living up to my expectations and I was having fun using it.  

As sunset approached I started taking some test shots.  I was shooting into the sun but my foreground was some very dark, wet rock.  I thought this would be a good test of the dynamic range of the camera.  

Sunset Action

As the sun started getting close to the horizon I could see a bank of cloud out to sea that would surely kill the sunset early.  So rather than waiting right to the end, I started shooting while the sun was still quite strong in the sky.  It was a balance between an overpowering sun and loosing the reflected light from the rocks.

Nikon D850, Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 @ 26mm, f/13, ISO 64, 20 seconds, Lee Filters Big Stopper and ND Grad.

As you can see the camera did an admirable job of balancing the highlights and the shadows.  The level of detail that was recorded in the shadows was impressive and post-processing was relatively straightforward.

Though I didn't get the sunset I was after I was still very happy to get out with the camera and to spend some time outdoors.  I may have been standing on that rocky ledge for a long time but I enjoyed the experience, and for me, that is half the fun of photography.  Just being outside and enjoying the outdoors.  

Do you have a favourite location that requires you to get there early?  Do you enjoy the experience of being outside almost as much as the photography?  Let me know in the comments below.