Let's All Embrace the Grey!

Poor Weather Photography

Winter can be a miserable time for landscape photographers.  It can, of course, also be a wonderful time, especially if it snows.  However, if you are located in the UK, it can be a season of grey and overcast weather.  Depressing as this weather can be, it can also be an opportunity to shoot landscape images with a difference.

If you've watched my Winter Solstice and Bad Weather Photography videos, you'll have heard me say that sometimes you've just go to embrace the grey.  Judging by the comments in my videos, this phrase seemed to have resonated with people.  So this got me thinking.  Perhaps we should all be embracing the grey.

A Community Challenge

So between now and springtime, I'm challenging the photography community to go out in that grey and overcast weather and create some great images and vlogs.  I want to see how creative the photography community can be!  I'll then select some of those images and vlogs and feature them in a showcase video to highlight the great work everyone will hopefully create.

So here is how you can participate:

  • Shoot a vlog or create an image based on the grey / overcast theme.  
  • Post it on social media using the tag #EmbraceTheGrey
  • Tag me in on your social media post - links to all my social accounts are in the icons at the bottom of this page.
  • Or you can send me an email using the contact form on this website to let me know where you've posted.

Around spring time I will select a range of photos and vlogs to feature in a showcase video that I will publish on my channel for the whole community to see. 

To help kick things off, I created this introductory video which features me taking some long exposure photographs down at Brixham in Devon on a grey and overcast day.

So I really hope you'll participate in my #EmbraceTheGrey challenge!  It should be fun and it will hopefully inspire you to get out there and take some great landscape images...even if the weather is rubbish!

My Images from Brixham