3 GREAT Landscape Photography Locations in Cornwall

Landscape Photography in Cornwall

When it comes to landscape photography in Cornwall, where do you start?  With so many amazing and inspiring locations to pick from it can be a challenge selecting locations to visit.  So a few months ago I decided to put together a video of 3 locations that I think you should visit.  It's not a top 3 or best 3, but just 3 great locations that I think will inspire your landscape photography.

After driving hundreds of miles, dealing with challenging weather, and hours of editing I'm delighted to be able to share with you my video, 3 GREAT Landscape Photography Locations in Cornwall.

A Bonus 4th Location

Gurnard's Head was probably one of the most challenging locations I visited while creating this video.  It was so windy that it made shooting video and taking images very difficult.  However, I thought it was a great location and worth sharing as your bonus 4th location.

More Information on Those Locations

If you want a bit more information on these amazing locations or the images from the video, then I've already published blog posts on the featured locations:

All Those Landscape Photographs

For your viewing pleasure here are all the photographs from all 4 locations:

Even More Landscape Photography Locations in Cornwall

If those 4 great Cornish locations weren't enough for you, I've also compiled a playlist of all my other videos that I've made from locations in Cornwall.  Enjoy!

What Next?

Though the creation of this video was quite the effort I would like to do more videos like this.  I'm already planning one for Dartmoor, but are there any other others in the south-west you would like me to do a similar video on?  Or where there any locations in Cornwall that you think I should visit?  Let me know in the comments below.