On My Booskshelf: Obama by Pete Souza

Something a Little Different

In previous episodes of On My Bookshelf, I looked at 5 Great Landscape Photography Books and Masters of Landscape Photography.  This time though I'm looking a photography book that has nothing to do with landscape photography.  Obama: An Intimate Portrait by Pete Souza is a collection of photographs taken by the chief Whitehouse photographer of  Barack Obama over his 8 years as US President.

So why as a landscape photographer would I be interested in such a book?  Well as much as I love landscape photography I'm also a fan of photography and it's many different genres.  While I'm not big on politics, US or otherwise, I got this book because of the amazing photographs inside it.  They are powerful, thought-provoking, and sometimes humorous.  More than that though it's a great example of the power of the photograph and of a photographer at the top of his game.

Let's take a look:

Though this book wasn't on landscape photography, I do hope you managed to look past the title (especially if you're not a fan of politics and/or Obama) and you saw that this book was really a collection of amazing portraits by a very talented photographer.  I also think we can all learn to improve our own photography by looking at the work of others, even if their genre of photography is completely different.

Do you have any non-landscape photography books on your bookshelf?  Who is your favourite non-landscape photographer?  Let me know in the comments below.