One Million Minutes


It was only 13 months ago when I posted up a channel update video on my YouTube channel.  In the video, I was celebrating the fact that I had just reached 100 subscribers.  I was well chuffed!  Fast forward to now and I've reached two milestones that I didn't think I'd achieve.  Not only do I have more than 5000 subscribers now, but people have now watched over 1 million minutes of my content!

This totally blows my mind!  It's also very encouraging and inspires me to keep creating new videos.  To help celebrate these milestones I have created a quick thank you video which you can see below.  In the video, I also share with you some of my outtakes from my previous videos.  While you only see the final, edited version, you don't get to see how often I get it wrong.  I rarely get things right on the first take!

So thank you again for your support and enjoy the outtakes.


PS.  Now the spring has hopefully sprung I'll be back to creating blogs and vlogs of my landscape photography adventures.  :-)