Can You Print Images Captured from a Drone?

Capturing a Panoramic Image with a Drone

I'm a big fan of drones.  I think they are an amazing bit of technology.  Though I've taken still photos with my drone before, it is the video features that I use the most.  The aerial footage you can insert into a vlog really helps tell the story of the location.

A few weeks ago though I published a video called Creating Panoramic Images of Glen Etive with a Drone.  In the video, I used the drone to capture a big panoramic image of the Loch Etive area where I was staying on holiday.  It was an image that I couldn't have captured if it wasn't for the drone.

Can You Print an Image Captured from a Drone

When the video was published a few people asked the question about how the image looked in print.  After all, the camera sensor in a drone like the DJI Mavic Pro is nowhere as advanced as the sensor in my D850.  However, does that mean that the images from a drone aren't worth printing?  

As I'd never printed an image captured on one of my drones before I thought it would be a good time to find out.  So, can you print an image captured from a drone?  Let's find out.

As you saw in the video, it was more of a question of is their sufficient quality from a drone image to justify making a print.  I think the answer is definitely yes.  As long as the image is well composed and has good light, there is more than enough detail in the DNG files captured on a DJI Mavic Pro to justify making a print.

In the video, you also saw me try out a paper that I haven't used before.  It was the Fotospeed Smooth Cotton 300.  I really like this paper and this was my first time making a large print on a matt paper.  You can really feel the weight of the paper and the surface has a real feel of quality about it.  I think I'll need to try a few more prints using some of the matt papers I have in my Fotospeed Matt Smooth Test Pack.

So do you own a drone?  Do you take still images with it?  Have you ever printed a drone image?  Let me know in the comments below.

Loch Etive Panorama - Taynuilt, Argyll: DJI Mavic Pro, 1/125th sec at f/2.2, ISO 100, 26mm (35mm equiv'), stitched from 9 DNG files

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