I Missed Spring but Hello Summer!

Spring, My Favourite Season

As a landscape photographer and general fan of the outdoors, I like all of the seasons.  Each one has its own unique characteristics and they can transform how you view and photograph locations.  For me though, there is something special about spring.  It could be the improving weather, the changing colour of the landscape, or simply the longer hours of daylight.

Spring officially started on the 20th of March this year and I was determined to make the most of it.  The short days of winter were at an end and it would soon be possible to start heading out weekday evenings.  I was hoping to spend a few months being busy with the camera.

Now that the spring season has officially ended (21st June), I'm looking back on the photographs I have taken and I can't help but feel a little disappointed.  It's not that I didn't get out with the camera, it's just that I can't really pick out a photo and say "I nailed it".  Somehow, it seems that spring has passed me by this year.

The problem doesn't appear to be lack of commitment on my part, it's just I haven't been out when the conditions have been at their best.  As a photographer with a full-time job and a young family, time is very much at a premium.  The times I get to go out with the camera aren't dictated by the weather conditions, but when I have spare time between my other commitments.  So if Tuesday evening is the time I am able to go out with the camera, but the conditions will be better on Wednesday, I either go out on Tuesday or not all. 

It's not been all bad.  Spring at Venford Falls (Dartmoor, Devon) is always worth a visit.

Don't get me wrong, spring hasn't been a total disaster.  I managed to create a bunch of videos for my YouTube channel:

I have been busy but I just haven't created an image that has captured the essence of spring.  One of the key shots I wanted to get was of the coastal thrift in Cornwall.  While I did capture an image of the thrift, the conditions were far from ideal.  Unfortunately, the thrift is only at its best for a couple of weeks, and I simply didn't get a chance to get back and try again.

I created this image for my Focus Stacking with the D850 video.  If only the light had been better.  (Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall)

However, I need to put things into perspective.  While I didn't get my "spring" image, I did get out with the camera.  For me, anytime out with the camera is a good time, and being able to practice will mean my camera skills will be sharp the next time to conditions are better.

Summer is Here!

Anyway, spring has gone, and summer is here so time to start capturing the delights of a new season.  For one of my first shoots of summer, I decided to head to The Rumps in Cornwall with my friend (who is also a photographer and a bit of a lucky charm!).


It was a tricky decision to head out that evening or not.  I was already very, very tired after a 3 am start that morning for a dawn shoot, but even though the forecast was for clear skies, we could see enough clouds in the sky to justify giving it a punt.  To help us on our way we had some fish and chips, and a coke, and we instantly felt more optimistic.  

It was a really nice evening at The Rumps.  Unfortunately, there was only a little cloud in the sky, and what cloud there was, was difficult to frame effectively.  It was however, a good start to a summer of photography and I captured this image:

Summer at The Rumps #3 - Nikon D850, Nikkor 16-35 mm f/4 at 18mm, 0.8 seconds at ISO 64, f/13, Lee Filters Circular Polariser.  (The Rumps, Cornwall)

As the sun dipped below the horizon a band of deep orange appeared along the horizon.  It was spectacular to look at but it was one of those views that was best looked at than photographed.  Sometimes you just need to sit there and soak up mother natures show with your own eyes.

Did you manage to capture any good photos from spring?  Are you looking forward to photographing summer?  Let me know in the comments below.