How I Manage My Images in Lightroom - From Import and Export

My Lightroom Workflow

I've been using Adobe Lightroom since version 3 and over the years I've been fine-tuning my image workflow around its capabilities.  While its image processing speed had left me screaming up until a recent update, I've always liked its ability to organise and manage my photographs.

In the video below I share with you my Lightroom workflow.  I show you how I import my images, select images for processing, apply keywords, rate images and finally get them ready for export.  There are lots of different ways to do Digital Asset Management (DAM) in Lightroom, so my way is probably neither the right way, nor the wrong way, but hopefully, you'll be able to take something away from this video and use it in your workflow.

Do you have any Lightroom tips for image organisation?  How does your workflow differ?  Let me know in the comments below.

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