Sandymouth Beach

Friendship over Photography

When it comes to weather forecasts I tend air on the side of optimism. I often find myself looking at different forecasts to find one that gives me the best outlook. Sometimes those risks can really pay off. However, there are some weather forecasts that are just so poor that you'd have to be mad to go out.

In the world of landscape photography there aren't many more things that are a depressing as going to a location that has a forecast of 100% low cloud coverage and heavy showers. But that's exactly what I did recently.

So why would I drive all the way to Cornwall when the weather forecast was so rubbish? To see a mate of course! It had been a couple of months since I'd see my friend and as he is a photographer also, we are always looking for an excuse to head out with the cameras. The trouble was the weather forecast was rubbish.

Though we were both keen to do some photography, the lure of chips, chat and the chance to finalise our plans for an upcoming photography trip won the day and we decide to meet up anyway. We would of course both turn up with cameras, just in case the weather wasn't that bad.

Beach Life, Cornwall

Even with a hefty sense of optimism there was no way we were going to commit to a big drive given the weather conditions, so we decided to settle for a local location. I had never visited Sandymouth beach before so when it was suggested we go there I jumped at the chance.


When we arrived at the beach we were surprised to see the car park completely empty. Even on the worst of evenings you normally see a dog walker or two on the beach. It soon became apparent why no one was here as a heavy rain shower came overhead. There was nothing else to do but to sit in the car, eat chips and discuss all the latest mirrorless camera news from Canon and Nikon.

Once the chips were done and the rain shower passed we thought we might as well take a walk along the beach and see if anything catches our eye. It soon became obvious why my friend comes to this location. Miles of sandy beach, sea pools, and rocks could all be used to make some very interesting compositions. Despite the poor weather I felt really inspired and decided to get my camera out!

Tidal Pools at Sandymouth Beach, Cornwall - Nikon D850, Nikkor 16-35 mm f/4 at 20 mm, 1.6 secs at ISO 64, f/11, Lee Filters ND Grad.

Out to Sea, Sandymouth Beach, Cornwall - Nikon D850, Nikkor 16-35 mm f/4 at 20 mm, 5 secs at ISO 64, f/11, Lee Filters ND Grad.

As you can see the weather had cleared just enough to make the sky a bit more interesting, but it was those pools of water that really caught my eye. It's not that I think those images are amazing, it's more that I think how great the future possibilities of this location might be. With some evening light and the sky being reflected in one of those pools, I think it could make for a great image. As the beach is a constantly changing thing, I could end up with a unique image on every visit.

I had been searching for a interesting beach location for a while, and one that wasn't too far away. Despite the poor weather, I was really inspired by this location and I will definitely be heading back there again soon. Just shows how you get can inspired even in the dullest of conditions.

Do you get inspired in sorts of weather? What is your favourite beach location? Let me know in the comments below