On My Bookshelf Special - Colin Prior or Alex Nail

Landscape Photography Books

I love a good photography book.  Over the years they have inspired and influenced my photography in no small way.  As I become a better photographer I actually find myself buying more photography books.  This is particularly true during the winter months when I can't get out with the camera as much as I'd possibly like.

Last month, as the festive period approached, the discussion around what I'd like for Christmas came up in conversation.  While options such as a new Nikon Z7 or a two week photography holiday to the Faroe Islands were quickly dismissed, a more sensible option of getting a good landscape photography book was decided.

Colin Prior or Alex Nail

There were two books high up on my list to get.  These were Colin Prior's Scotland's Finest Landscapes, and Alex Nail's Northwest.  Given that Colin's book was originally selling for £100, I decided that asking for Alex's book at £36 would be much more sensible.

With that all sorted I just needed to wait for Santa to deliver my copy of Northwest.  During the run up to Christmas though I spotted a post on Facebook by Colin Prior who was doing a Black Friday sale and that his book Scotland's Finest Landscapes was on sale for £50.  This is still a lot of money for a book, but I've wanted to own a copy of this book for some time now, so I decided to treat myself!

On My Bookshelf

As regular readers of this blog know I have series of videos on my YouTube channel called On My Bookshelf.  After reading Colin and Alex's books over the festive period I thought I would share my thoughts on both books.  However, rather than do separate videos for each book, I thought I would produce one episode of On My Bookshelf that looked at both books.

Both titles are on similar themes and areas of landscape photography, and neither title is inexpensive, so I thought it would be useful to look at them both in the same episode.  So which one should be on your bookshelf?  Let's find out.

I really hope you enjoyed this episode of On My Bookshelf.  Both these books are some of the finest books on Scottish landscape photography I have and it was a joy being able to read both of them. 

Do you own either of these titles?  Will you now buy either of these books?  Let me know in the comments below.