The Importance and Joy of Printing at Home

Photography Show Talks - An Opportunity

I'm a firm believer that if a good opportunity presents itself that you should grab it with both hands.  So when the team at Fotospeed asked if I'd like to do a talk at The Photography Show this year there really was only one answer to give.  Yes! 

The topic of the talk was up to me but I knew almost straight away that I wanted to talk about printing.  Printing has become an integral and enriching part of the photographic experience for me.  As regular readers of this blog and viewers of my YouTube channel will know I like to do my printing at home.  I've owned a Canon Pixma Pro 10-S for a couple of years now and ever since I made my first print I've been addicted to hitting that print button.

I wanted this talk to be an opportunity for me to share that passion for printing at home.  I wanted people to get excited about printing their own work, to have fun with it, and use it as a way to improve their photography.  Most of all I wanted people to see that it's a much more rewarding experience viewing their photographs in printed form.

The Importance and Joy of Printing at Home

Thanks to my fellow photographers and friends I'm able to share with you a video of the entire talk I did which was called The Importance and Joy of Printing at Home.  Gareth Danks kindly filmed the talk for me, and both Gareth and Chris Sale were good enough to take the still images you see in this blog post. 

So if you missed my talk at the show, or you did catch it and perhaps want to see it again, here is an unabridged recording.  Enjoy! 

On The Fotospeed Stage

Presenting a talk on printing wasn't the only thing I did at the Fotospeed stand.  I was also asked to be compere for the weekend.  This granted me the privilege of not only meeting some wonderful and interesting photographers but also a seat on the stage to listen and watch Rachael Talibart, Martin Hartley, Trevor & Faye Yerbury, Margaret Salisbury, Matt Hardy and Joe Cornish all talk about their photography.  With such a breadth of skills and experiences brought by these photographers, it was little surprise that each talk inspired my photography in its own way.

On stage with Joe Cornish. Photo courtesy of  Gareth Danks .

On stage with Joe Cornish. Photo courtesy of Gareth Danks.

You can also see me discussing my time at The Photograph Show in this Fotospeed video.

Next Year at The Photography Show

I've attended The Photograph Show every year and it just gets bigger and better each year.  From the variety of talks, the products on show and the number of people I get to have conversations with, it's now become an integral part of my photography calendar.  One thing is for sure, I will be heading back to The Photography Show in 2020.

I do hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Did I meet you at the show?  Did you get to see my talk live?  Did you enjoy the talk (recorded or live)?  Let me know in the comments below.

PS - Trying Something New

As I was at The Photography Show all weekend I had some spare time on the Saturday evening so I decided to try a different genre of photography with a fellow vlogger.  I'll be publishing the video for that soon, but can anyone guess what type of photography I was doing and who with?

PS - You can watch that video here.