On My Bookshelf - Digital Edition

Inspiration on the Move

I’m a big fan of the photography book. Anyone who’s been subscribed to my YouTube channel for a while will have seen an episode of On My Bookshelf and watched me talk about some of my favourite photography books. For the most part though, those books are too big to take anywhere apart from your own living room.

In most cases, a printed photography book is preferential to a digital photography book. But what if you wanted a little bit of photography inspiration on the move. Perhaps you might have to commute to work every day, or you’ve got a long train journey or even a flight somewhere. Some of the books I have would need to pay for their own seat on a plane!

In this special, digital edition of On My Bookshelf, I’m going to share with you 5 digital photography books that I think should be on your virtual bookshelf, so you can a little bit of photography inspiration on the move.

Your Reading List

As promised, here is a list of those books from the video: 

I do hope you enjoyed this shorter than normal episode of On My Bookshelf, but hopefully, you’ve spotted a book there that you might be able to take with you next time you are on the move.

Do you read any digital photography books? Have you got any digital recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.