Extreme Scotland - On My Bookshelf

Discovering Other Photographers

I discover the work of other photographers in many different ways.  A few weeks ago I wrote about how discovered the book Beara by Norman Mccloskey in Outdoor Photography magazine.  The book that I'm looking at in this episode of On My Bookshelf, Extreme Scotland, I found by listening to a recent episode of one of my favourite photography podcasts, The Togcast

The book Extreme Scotland appealed to me in 3 different ways, photography, adventure sports and Scotland!  But does it deliver on any or all of those things?  Let's find out.

I do hope you enjoyed this episode of On My Bookshelf.  A bit of a short blog post from me this week I'm afraid as I'm writing this while I'm on holiday in Scotland.  However, I am here with my camera so I might have time to create some content for a blog or vlog.  So stay tuned!

 You can pick up a copy of Nadir Khan's Extreme Scotland here.