And Now for Something Completely Different

Busy but No Content

Since starting my blog nearly 3 years ago I’ve managed to create a new post every week, without fail. This week though, I was faced with the very real prospect of not having a new post to share. I had already been out with the camera at the start of the week but the content for that is part of a much bigger project I’m working on (but more on that in a bit). So with nothing to share from that trip (and a few other previous trips), my blog post this week was going to feature photos from a trip to Dartmoor on Friday morning.

One of the final things to do in planning my trip to Dartmoor was to work out how early in the morning I would need to get up in order to be there for sunrise. Having driven to Dartmoor on many occasion before I already had a good idea on how long it might take, but I always like to check. Just as well I did though! I soon found out that the stretch of the A38 I wanted to drive was closed and would be until 6 am. Though a detour would be in place, this would double my journey time so I decided that effort of getting up even earlier wasn’t justified by the weather forecast.

With no photographs to share with you this week, I thought I’d update you with some news instead.

New Video Projects

Much of my time out with the camera recently has been focused on two new projects for my YouTube channel. I’m not going to go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the surprises. The first video I’m working on has been in production since January and won’t be finished until December. When I came up with the idea I thought it would be relatively easy to get done but that hasn’t been the case. Challenging weather and constraints on my time have made production tricky, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all in December.

The other project I’ve been working really has consumed a lot of my camera time. Even though it’s a series of short videos, producing them has been more time consuming than I thought. Though I could have shared the photographs from each “episode” in a new blog post each week, I’ve decided to hold back on publishing the photos until the videos are released. I’m hoping this will be within the next 4 to 6 weeks, and if this collection of episodes is successful I’m hoping to do a 2nd series!

With both of these projects being in production at the same time, it hasn’t left me much time for just going out to shoot photographs so I can share them here on the blog. I’m hoping though that you’ll appreciate the effort when they do get published.

A New Member of the Team


To finish up this news-based blog post I would like to introduce a new member of the Julian Baird Photography team, Monty Baird. As you can see from the photo Monty is actually a dog, a cocker spaniel to be precise. OK, Monty isn’t going to be capturing any images or processing any photographs, but I do hope that when he is a little older he will be able to join me on some of my photographic adventures. Though I value the solitude that landscape photography can sometimes bring, I’m quite looking forward to having Monty along for company. You might even get to see him in a future video!

Sorry for the lack of photographs in this blog post, but normal service will be resumed next week!