A Bit of Bath

Foto Fest

It seems that the team at Fotospeed have a nack of being able to pull together a lineup of great speakers. I saw this first hand at The Photography Show this year where I was lucky enough to listen to some talks from some wonderful photographers. With their excellent record of organising speaker lineups it came as no surprise that for Foto Fest 2019 they organised Tom Way, Rachael Talibart, Nigel Danson and Martin Parr! With the location of Foto Fest less than 100 miles away in Bath and that excellent line up I really couldn’t miss this cracking event, again.

These types of event are always a good chance to meet up with friends so it was fantastic to hear that my friend and fellow photographer Gareth Danks was going to join me in Bath. As with our meeting at The Photography Show earlier on in the year, we would of course use this as an opportunity to do a little photography as well, but more about that later.

Let me give you a quick review of Foto Fest first. Put simply, I thought it was great! I was thoroughly engaged by all four speakers. Even though I could relate more to the work of Rachael and Nigel, I found Tom’s wildlife photography fascinating and Martin’s review of his 50-year career was both hugely interesting and very humorous. Each talk was a perfect length (about 1 hour) and each talk was separated by a break allowing me to check out the Market Place (and perhaps spend a few £’s!) At the end of the day all four photographers were brought together for a Q+A session hosted by Sam Gregory.

It was a top-notch show and I really hope I can attend again next year. I definitely recommend that you attend as well.

Urban Photography

With Foto Fest done, me and Gareth decided to head down into the beautiful city of Bath for a spot of street photography. Well, I say we, but really it was Gareth that was doing the street photography and I was stumbling behind with my camera try to try and figure out compositions. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I am about as far away as a street photographer as one can be, but that doesn’t stop me trying as you might have seen in this video:

While my first attempt wasn’t exactly a roaring success, I did really enjoy it and wanted to do it again. So with Gareth in Bath as well it seemed the perfect opportunity to give it another go. Below you’ll find a selection of my urban / street images from the brief time we spent in Bath.

I know these images aren’t going to win any awards but sometimes you just need to let go of the serious side of photography, try something new and have a bit of fun with a mate!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back on the blog next week with some “serious” landscape photographs.

Oh and before I forget, here is Gareth’s video from his time in Bath!