Wet Wet Wet with Ben McKelvey and Markus Feehily at the Plymouth Pavilions - 08/03/2016

As a Scot living in the south west of England there was no way I was going to turn down the chance to shoot Scottish pop legends Wet Wet Wet.  So with the melody of "Sweet Little Mystery" firmly planted in my mind I headed down the A38 for a taste of the homeland.

Arriving at the Plymouth Pavilions I met up with Steve from MusicMuso.  As usual Steve will be writing a full review of the gig but in the meantime I'm very pleased to share some of my images with you now.

Ben McKelvey

First up was the very talented Ben McKelvey who has been supporting Wet Wet Wet on this tour.


Markus Feehily

The very popular Markus Feehily was up next:


Wet Wet Wet

I do like shooting well established acts like Wet Wet Wet.  My primary focus at a gig is to capture high quality images and bands like Wet Wet Wet know how to put on a show, generally making my life that little bit easier.  As you can see from the images, not only did they put on a great show for the crowd they are also having an awesome time doing it.  There was a real energy coming from the stage and I was a happy photographer.


Overall it was a great gig and I hope the images here either remind you of the night (if you were there) or give you an idea of what it might have been like.  On a personal note, if you have a chance to pick up a ticket for this tour you'll be in for a treat!

Social Media Update

I've recently started posting to Instagram and my feed includes both images from the archive and images posted live from the gigs I'm covering.  If you aren't following me already, why not check out my Instagram feed by clicking here.  I will of course continue with my normal service on Twitter, so don't forget to follow me there to.

On a Technical Note

As some of my regular readers know I use the wireless features of the Nikon D750 to transfer my images to my Nexus tablet while I'm at a gig.  I then process the image on the tablet and post out to my social media feeds while the gig is still going on.  

I've recently changed my workflow to include an app called raw2dng.  It allows me to take the RAW (.NEF) file from the camera and convert it into a standard DNG RAW format.  From here I can edit the DNG file in SnapSeed.   The upshot of this change?  Well, rather than processing a JPG I can now take full advantage of a RAW file improving the image output from my tablet.  Even though the images from my mobile workflow end up on Twitter and Instagram I still want the quality to be as good as I can get it.

OK, that's it for this blog post but do keep an eye out for my next blog post as I'm hoping to bring you some images from a very special gig I'm going to cover in the next week or so.   See you next time on The Unplugged Blog!