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My blog is packed full of posts. Why not watch a coffee break length photography video, find a new photography book, learn about printing at home, discover a new photography location, learn a new photography tip or hit the button below to see everything!

5 Minute Photo Adventures

Be inspired to visit some of the best landscape photography locations in the UK with my 5 Minute Photo Adventure videos. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as I give you a brief tour of a location and take some amazing landscape images. You'll be reaching for your camera bag and car keys before you know it!

On My Booskshelf

Looking for a new book to inspire your photography?  Well look no further than the On My Bookshelf video series!  In each episode I l take a photography book from my own shelf, and tell you what I think about it. 

Printing at Home

I love printing my landscape photographs at home! It’s a real passion of mine and for me the photographic process isn’t complete until I have made a print. I believe that it's not only a great skill to learn but that by printing your work you will become a better photographer. My journey as a printer is well documented in my blog so why not check out a printing related post to see if you will be inspired to hit that print button.

Devon Photography Locations

Devon has a rich and varied landscape. From the rolling hills of Dartmoor to the miles of dramatic coastline there is something for every landscape photographer to shoot. I’ve spent many years photographing Devon so if you are looking for some inspiration then check out some of my Devon location based blog posts.

Dartmoor Photography Locations

At nearly 1000 sq km, Dartmoor National Park in Devon is hard to ignore as a landscape photographer.  Open moorland, tors, rivers, waterfalls, and wildlife, the whole area is rich with great photography locations.  I regularly shoot there so you’ll find my blog full of posts to inspire you.

Cornwall Photography Locations

Like its neighbour Devon, Cornwall is a landscape photographers paradise. With nearly 300 miles of coastline that encompasses dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, rocky islands and old tin mines there are virtually limitless opportunities to take images. To help you along here are some blog posts featuring some of my favourite Cornish locations.

Photography Tips

As photographers we are always learning, always improving. Over the years that I’ve been writing this blog I’ve talked about many things that could be used to improve your landscape photography. This could be tips for when you are out on location or back home managing your photographs. Have a look at the following blog posts and see if you can’t pick up a tip or two!