Landscape Photography with the Mactrem AT64C Tripod

Reviews On Location

When Mactrem reached out to me to review their AT64C carbon tripod I thought it would be a great excuse to go out and do some landscape photography.  Not that I really need an excuse.  I fairly well self-motivated when it comes to landscape photography!

For this review, I didn't want to just unbox the tripod and discuss the technical specs from the comfort of my home.  That would be a bit boring wouldn't it?  So I thought I would do my review a little differently.  I would put the tripod to use in some real-world scenarios, capture some images and share my thoughts on both the photography and the tripod.  

By doing this I would not only educate the viewer on the tripods performance on location but for anyone just interested in landscape photography there would be something there for them as well.

Reviewing to Mactrem AT64C Tripod

So regardless if you want to know more about this tripod or you just want to see me shoot some landscapes, I hope you enjoy this video:

I do hope you enjoyed this video and that you either found the review helpful or just liked the photography bit.

If you want to purchase one of these tripods then you can purchase one from by clicking on this link here.  Also, until 15th April 2018, if you enter the code UWSN5IQD at checkout, you will receive £15 off the price of the tripod.

So what tripod and head do you use?  Would you like to see me do more product reviews on location like this one?  Let me know in the comments below.

PS.  Keep reading as below I'm going to share with you the images that I took at all the locations, along with some shots of me using the tripod.