The Photography Show 2018 Community Meetup

It's All About Community

I love going to The Photography Show.  I've been every year and it just bigger and better each year.  I love going to look at all the gear and picking up a show bargain.  However, this year was a little different.  Since starting my YouTube channel I started developing relationships with both my viewers and with other content creators.  So this year we all organised a little meetup at the show.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet so many people that regularly leave comments on my videos or who create videos that I watch myself.  We only had a short time together but the conversation was lively and engaging.  It was almost as if we already knew each other!  For me, the meetup was one of the highlights of the show.

As a bit of fun, fellow content creator Chris Sale asked anyone who turned up to the meetup some quick-fire questions.  I was there to film the responses so I thought you might enjoy watching peoples responses, including my own!

I hope you enjoyed that short video and you found some of the responses interesting or amusing!

If you want to see more work from the people featured in the video, just click on one of the images below.