#EmbraceTheGrey - Your Photos!

Let's All Embrace The Grey

By the end of January this year I'd had enough of the rubbish weather and the impact it was having on my photography. I then had a slight change of attitude and decided that I needed to embrace the grey a bit more.

So I went out and created a video asking the photography community as a whole to #EmbraceTheGrey.  You can read that blog post and see the video here.  The goal of the video was not only to encourage me to get out with the camera more but to inspire others to also get out there in less than favourable conditions.

In the video, I said I would create a showcase video of the images people tagged with #EmbraceTheGrey as a way of celebrating everyone's efforts.

#EmbraceTheGrey Showcase

So when winter officially finished I decided to see if anyone had tagged any images or videos with #EmbraceTheGrey.  Well, I was blown away by the number of photos and videos that had been tagged!  You really had taken the challenge on and done so in such a wide variety of scenarios.  It wasn't just photographs though.  Some of you even create #EmbraceTheGrey photography vlogs!

To celebrate this amazing effort by you all I have pulled together this showcase video of the photographs that I found with #EmbraceTheGrey.  At the end of the video, there is also a playlist of all the videos that were tagged as well.

So, please enjoy this amazing video of everyone's creativity!

So did you enjoy this video?  Did you spot your image?  Let me know in the comments below.