What's Your Photography Story?

Let’s All Look Back at Our Photography

At the end of every year, I always take a look back at the images I’ve taken that year and select my favourites. I do this for a number of reasons, but mostly to help me remember that my year as a landscape photographer was probably better than I remember! If your last shoot didn’t go well, it’s all too easy to focus on that one, regardless of what else you might have achieved that year.

As I was looking back through my images from 2018, I had the idea of looking at some photographers from much further back in time. In fact, I went all the way back to some of my earliest photographs. It was a really interesting experience as I could see how I have progressed as a photographer. Some of those images though represented significant moments in my journey as a landscape photographer.

Looking back and remembering the importance of some images got me thinking. Everyone else must also have photographs in their collection that represent significant moments in their life as a photographer. It was then I had the idea of collating some of those images and stories and then publishing them in a special community video.

In the video below, I’m going to kick things off with my photography story. I’ll take a look at how my photography has evolved over the years, and share some of my most important images. In the video I also ask you to share one of your most important images and the story behind it. If you would like your image and story to considered for the community video, then details on how to submit can be found later in this blog post.

Every Photographer and Photograph Has a Story

Hopefully, the video has reminded you of an image that you have taken that also has a good story, or marked an important milestone in your journey as a photographer. If so, and you would like the chance to have your story and image featured in a special community video, then you’ll find details on how to submit your image below.

I’m not necessarily looking to see your best image. I want to see images that have an interesting story attached to them. Maybe it was your first photograph, a photograph of a place that has special memories, the first photograph you had published. I may not be able to publish all submissions, so the more interesting your story and photo is, the more likely it will be included in the video!

How To Submit Your Story

What you need to prepare for submission:

  • Your Image - Images should be at least 3840px on the longest edge, please. I edit my video on a 4K timeline so the higher resolution your image is the better it will look. I can read most file types but if you can submit in JPG or TIFF that would be great. One image only, please.

  • Your Story - There is no word limit to your story, but please keep it short, concise and most importantly interesting. I would recommend keeping it as short as one or two paragraphs.

  • Additional Information - Please let me know your name so people know who you are when I read your story. When I display your image I can also display your website address or one of your social media handles. Please include details if you wish me to do this.

  • Submitting a Video - If you prefer to tell your story yourself, you can submit a video instead. Please keep video clips to a maximum of 30 to 60 seconds and the video file should be exported at a minimum resolution of 1080p. Remember to show your photograph in the video while you tell you story.

Submitting Your Images

  • Go to https://wetransfer.com/ - this is a free file transfer service and you don't need to register to use it.

  • Fill out the form as follows:

    • Add your files - this is where you attach your images (or video) for transfer.

    • Email to: yourstory@julianbaird.com

    • Your email: your email address ( Please use a valid email address though in case I need to contact you for further information.)

    • Message: Include the text for Your Story and the additional information I've requested above.

  • Hit the Transfer button

I really enjoyed the last community challenge, Let’s All Embrace The Grey, and the video I produced with all your photographs. Let’s hope we can all make something special again!

Closing date for all submissions is 31st January 2019. Thanks!

My 5 Favourite Images of 2018

And finally, in the video, I shared with you my 5 favourite images from 2018. It wasn’t easy to select just 5 but if you want to know how I did it I published a video last year for my 5 favourites of 2017. You can see that video here.

Happy 2019

All that remains for this blog post is for me to wish you a very happy 2019 and I hope you have a wonderful year of photography.

What photography adventures do you have planned for 2019? What are you looking forward to most? Do you have any goals for the year? Let me know in the comments below.